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Google ★★★★★ Google | January 24 2023

Arun Jaiswal

I want to express my gratitude to Ruslan for assisting me in finding the perfect car. I really appreciate the dedication and effort he put into verifying every detail. I appreciate his pride in the organization and the way he speaks about it. Please pass on my thanks and regards to his manager Brian (if I remember his name correctly) who also helped me with the financing and accounting aspects of the purchase.

Google ★★★★★ Google | January 20 2023

David Nelson

My wife and I came in to check out the Rogue and was greeted by Calvin. He was very patient and answered our questions, then the test drive sealed the choice. As we made the deal on the car for her, I saw the Beast! The 2023 Titan in the desert sand tan, and I was hooked. My 2012 F-150 had been totaled in the storm on the 23rd of December and I was looking for the truck with the power to do what I need, and just not happy with the new Fords or Chevys. I bought the Titan 2 days later over the phone, and again Calvin just made the deal all the better. I have only purchased 1 NEW vehicle in my 55 years of driving, and this is my 2nd. Service after the sale extraordinaire, and I feel that we have a friend for life and the dealership truly lives up to its reputation as the best Nissan dealership in the West! Y'all Rock! Thanks for a truly satisfying experience.

Google ★★★★★ Google | January 11 2023

Justin Barrow

I bought a new Frontier from Nissan of Portland and am very happy with the experience. Russ was very helpful and professional and there were no high pressure sales tactic. They were fair in their pricing and were able work with me on financing. Overall the customer service was great. If your in the market for a new vehicle, I’d definitely recommend going to Nissan of Portland.

Google ★★★★★ Google | December 17 2022

D G Oleshko

Karrar is the man! Truly enjoyed working with Karrar as sales consultant & main manager Jim. They helped me to purchase & finance the Leaf EV… whole experience was a breeze. Got car warranty extension at no extra charge. Numbers made sense. My dogs got treats. So far so good.

Google ★★★★★ Google | December 9 2022

Ashtonn N

Karrar was amazing to work with! He listened to our needs, respected our decisions and time line, and ultimately helped us get the deal we were comfortable and happy with. He was hilarious and made my kids happy too! He took care of us. Would highly recommend him and Nissan of Portland! Excited for our new car!

Google ★★★★★ Google | December 9 2022

Hajir Mohammed

I recently purchased a car through Nissan of Portland, and am 100% satisfied. Karar made my first time buying a vehicle very quick and easy. Up front and honest about every detail and walked me through EVERYTHING to make sure I truly understood the paperwork I was signing. 10/10 recommend doing business with him.

Google ★★★★★ Google | November 4 2022

Youngju Park

I have had good experiences with the services. I appreciated when one representative was honest when they were on the fence about a recommendation. They took an extra moment to explain and let me consider my decision. This built trust and customer loyalty. Very grateful to have that in our community.

Google ★★★★★ Google | November 2 2022

Philippine Kennedy

Thanks to Dante and his entire team for helping me get my new car :) the whole process was stress free and the staff was very professional from start to finish. I couldn’t be happier :)

Google ★★★★★ Google | November 1 2022

Emma Quarton

I was here about a week ago. Everyone there was so nice and helpful. Went in knowing what I wanted and Russ was understanding and accommodating. No high sales no trying to talk me into more, just great customer service. Had to come back the next day because my own mess up. But the next day I called and talked to Dante, he was very helpful and did he best to make sure I could afford the car. After a few phone calls and kind words they were able to work with me to get a car! I will say one thing that stood out to me, when asking about why I was asking for a specific price, I said it was my own personal budget, Dante responded with, “I respect that.” No “well it’s just X amount more”, no “let’s find something else then” just “I’ll see what I can do I’ll call you back.” That will always stand out to me. Hopefully the car last a long time but if I ever want or need another, I will definitely be going back here! Thank you to everyone there!

Google ★★★★★ Google | September 13 2022

Pavel Petrov

Russ Solnyshkin helped me with getting my first car. He is AWESOME, funny, genuine, and honest to the ground. Definitely recommend getting a car here from Russ he listens to your needs and finds you a car in your budget. He wasn’t pushy or anything like that. The service here is awesome too. Hailey helped me out a lot. Definitely recommend this place!

Google ★★★★★ Google | August 23 2022

Cam Andrews

I no longer live in Portland but was here for a visit. My sister aloud me to use her car but it needed to be maintenance. So I went to visit my old friends at Rustom Nissan. A last, all my old friends were retired or on vacation. So my new friends told me to come in 8am for a walk in the next day and they'd get my sister's car taken care of. The next morning that car was taken care of in a timely manner and I was my sister's hero of a little brother. The End

Google ★★★★★ Google | August 5 2022

Leslie Jeronimo

Yesterday I went in and Rigoberto helped me find the perfect car! He was so kind and helpful in the otherwise stressful car shopping experience. I would 100% recommend you to purchase a car from Rigoberto he will hook you up!

Google ★★★★★ Google | July 31 2022

Kevin Kagabo

I had wonderful experience at this Dealership, the salesmen were very helpful. Any and every worry I had; the salesman (Riggo) greatly put me at easy by answering all the questions. He also took into count my thoughts of what I wanted in a car and I walked out of the dealership feeling great. I would highly recommend to check it out

Google ★★★★★ Google | June 11 2022

Larry Johnson

Happy owner of a new to me 2015 Nissan Juke. It is a blast to drive. So happy I stopped by Nissan of Portland. Great service through each step of the car buying process. A rainy day hid moisture in the headlight. The next day I found the moisture was still there. NoP said, "We got it covered." No problem. A new headlight assembly later and everything is good to go. They will be seeing me again.

Google ★★★★★ Google | June 3 2022

Carlos Loyola

My salesman Xavier was great. I highly recommend him. The lady manager was also excellent. Would do business with her I the future as well. Great team.

Google ★★★★★ Google | May 24 2022

Chi Hla

Wanted to say thank you so much to Dante and the fantastic team at Nissan of Portland for helping me find my new car! I’m so happy I came in and finally found what I was looking for. Special thanks to Haley of Service for being amazing!

Google ★★★★★ Google | May 23 2022

Sally Sayre

Rose is the reason I will be bringing my car here from now on. First day in WA, my car stopped. Called Rose, who took care of me from start to finish, even calling to let me know I left my notebook in the rental car. Rose really saved my bacon with that call. Jake was terrific too. Even giving me a lead on a new Insurance person! Rose was pleasant, efficient, and oh so helpful! I trusted her from Hello.

Google ★★★★★ Google | April 7 2022

Dee Marche

I took my car for service and found that the people in the service department were attentive and thorough in their assessments as well as over all service. My suv is back in tip top condition. The repair took a week; I was provided a loaner vehicle so the process was seamless. When i dropped off their vehicle hours later I discovered that my wallet was misplaced and after retracing my steps it lead me back to the dealership. By this time it was after hours and only a few of the sales team remained. The doors were locked and they could have just motioned that they were now closed and to come back once they reopen. Instead they allowed me in and after I told them I left my wallet in the car Adam and another gentleman assisted in first locating the car (on a very large lot) and making sure it was in there. Then they had to call Emily from service to get the keys. The efforts of this amazing team made an already satisfied customer's day. Thank you so much!

Google ★★★★★ Google | April 1 2022

Catherine Christ

I needed to have my oil changed and learned that I needed new rear brakes and drums. They completed the work sooner than was quoted and my car drives so well now! Everyone is always so kind and friendly and I will always bring my car here for care.

Google ★★★★★ Google | February 27 2022

Teresa Lewis

It was for my oil change. The staff is amazing. They answer all my questions. I brought my 1 year old border collie with me and they loved on her so much. You guys are amazing.

Google ★★★★★ Google | February 22 2022

David Levine

Just purchased a beautiful Nissan Titan Platinum reserve from Nissan of Portland. After much research and price comparing Nissan of Portland was hands down the best deal. The staff at Nissan of Portland were a pleasure to deal with, the sales manager Jake was on top of his game and made our transaction smooth and extremely professional as did our sales assistant Keelan. He made sure every detail of our purchase was handled in a most professional and efficient manner which made buying our new Titan a most enjoyable experience. Brian in the finance department was wonderful to work, his years of experience made the paperwork a breeze. Over all they were outstanding at what they do and their service to the customer.