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Google ★★★★ Google | January 6 2022

Jack Wright From Woodland

More or less, everything went fine. Intake was smooth and I was notified just over an hour that my car was ready to be picked up. It did take a while for my car to be brought out front, (over 5 minutes) after I arrived. I do wish that there would be additional touch-ups when your car is serviced (windows washed, floor vacuumed when applicable), but that's just me.

Google ★★★★★ Google | November 27 2021

Jacita Trevino

I've always had a wonderful experience with Nissan of Portland with is being my second time. I've purchased three Vehicles there and I will continue as a loyal customer. My Sales Representative is world class (Dante Q.) and I wouldn't change anything about the overall experience. So this place will be the place for me whenever I decide to purchase cars in the future. I've also recommended lots of my associates to do the same. There's not anything I would change or complain about. The overall staff, environment and are the best in town!!!! For sure hands down.

Google ★★★★★ Google | August 16 2021

Renne Barnett

Dante Quinones is a model salesman. I enjoyed doing business with him, because he did not pressure me into a sale. I felt very comfortable with him. And I felt assured, he definitely had my best interest at heart. I brought my son with me to assist with negotiation, he does not trust car salesman. Within a few minutes he relaxed, and was comfortable with Dante. DANTE IS A BLUE RIBBON KINDA GUY!!! He represents personal integrity!

Google ★★★★★ Google | August 14 2021

Tiffany Williams

Dewey White was an amazing seals man. He was funny. And helpful. He worked hard to get me what I wanted and at the end of the day we both where happy. I'm loving my new car.

Google ★★★★★ Google | August 14 2021

Kenyatta Trice

My experience was THEE best experience I have ever received at a car lot!!!! I was able to talk to Dewey, Sale Manager and Dante, Sales Rep about what I wanted adn how much I wanted to spend. We didn't waste time looking at cars that were out of my price range. That I really appreciated!!!! Dante worked with me through the process of picking, the application and even after I got the car, his customer service making sure I was okay with the purchase is unmatched. I recommend Nissan of Portland but more importantly, Dante is THEE best salesman I ever met. I don't think calling him a Salesman is the right title for him.... Nissan of Portland gets 5 stars and Dante gets 10 stars from me!!!!

Google ★★★★★ Google | July 29 2021

Shaela Williams

I truly appreciate all of the quality time Dante put into helping me find my new car. I was very anxious and he helped make the process smooth, seamless and stress free. He has blown my expectations and is a hard worker and very good at his job. There is a reason why my whole family Trust him. Thanks again Dante! I love my 2021 Nissan leaf

Google ★★★★★ Google | May 23 2021

Lucie M

I loved working with Alan, he did not try to trick me into buying anything, he was very accommodating and honest. I have met some great people at this dealership that are kind and care about the customer. Overall it was a positive experience and I will return in a few years when I need a new car.

Google ★★★★★ Google | May 12 2021

Rowan Tanner

I went in for a recall on an airbag. Once I was able to talk to the staff they scheduled it right away, were ready for my vehicle when I arrived, and finished the maintenance ahead of schedule. I had also asked for a headlight to be replaced and they did that cheaply and without question. Overall great experience.

Google ★★★★★ Google | May 1 2021

Susan Pedersen

I worked with Jakob who was kind, attentive and helpful. The vehicle we were considering ended up to not work out through no fault of his. But he gave me great service and I would recommend this dealership and Jakob. The interactions were positive and honest.

Google ★★★★★ Google | April 30 2021

Dani Garaway

I can't remember my contact person (maybe Emily) but she was amazing!! She made it easy to drop my car off, get work done and pick up the next day. Thank you to everyone who helped me.

Google ★★★★ Google | April 5 2021

Alicia Geck

I originally drove an hour to the dealership to look at a certified used vehicle. It was clear once I saw the car it wasn't going to work because of some cosmetic issues. They suggested another certified used vehicle which after a while of negotiations I ended up buying. When I drove home I noticed a large gouge in the sidewall of the tire, a deep scratch in the bumper and greasy fingerprints on the inside roof of the car, not sure how I didn't notice these things at the dealership but I didn't. I called and they told me to bring it back the next day and they would take care of it. They did and gave me a loaner while they were fixing everything. They ended up delivering my vehicle back to me and we switched cars back. It has now been a few days and I have discovered a burnt out brake light. I will fix this myself because I am not going to drive and hour just to have a brake light changed. I feel that when you buy and "certified" vehicle that these things should have been checked and verified beforehand. Overall I am happy with my purchase and the vehicle, I just felt in some areas there could be some improvement with attention to detail and being more thorough in their overall inspection.

Google ★★★★★ Google | March 30 2021

Christian Edmondson

Kinda impressed. These guys are slammed packed in the service department; but they're holding it down. The service department manager was quick, efficient, and professional. I like how they take the time to answer all of your questions. Love the Nissan Brand. The models keep getting better and better. Moved here from out of state; and I am glad to have this team as my new Nissan family. Look forward to my routine maintenance, and upgrading my car 🚗 again in a few years.

Google ★★★★★ Google | March 8 2021

Tatiana Mcirvin

Tito made my dream car become a reality, and it was a very difficult ask. He took the time to show me all the cool stuff the car could do. This was my second time buying a car at this dealership and they didn’t disappoint. These people know their cars, and how to get you into a great deal.

Google ★★★★★ Google | March 5 2021

Atzimba Hernandez

I had such a pleasant experience here! All the stuff were nice! Tito helped me pick the perfect car for such a great deal! Who would have thought Tito who met me as a little girl would be helping me get my perfect car!

Google ★★★★★ Google | December 29 2020

Scott Bauman

Was a great experience. Dealership took care of us and we were able to lease a car for my 16 year old son. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.

Google ★★★★★ Google | December 21 2020


It was an excellent experience from start to finish. The woman who helped me schedule my service was very friendly and helpful. Emily, who assisted me on the day of service was also very friendly and helpful. I was selected to receive a complimentary cabin air filter which was much appreciated. They were able to get my airbag recall taken care of on the same day. I was very pleased with my service here. Thank you!

Google ★★★★ Google | December 19 2020

Solomon Risner

I've been here a few times to see if I can even get financed, and both times have been with Dewey. He is accommodating and it's a relaxed experience. Unlike most other high pressure dealerships! However due to my situation I can't get a new car -yet- but I will definitely be back.

Google ★★★★★ Google | December 19 2020

Loretta Blackwell

Staff was courteous, and friendly. They were done in a timely manner. In fact, they got some sooner than I was was told they would be. It was very well priced considering that they were doing both an oil change, as well as swapping out the tires for the snow tires. I will continue to bring the truck here.

Google ★★★★★ Google | December 15 2020

Gwen Bartonek

Brian C. was great. Helped me find exactly what I wanted and made me a great deal on my Rogue SV! The entire team made my experience worthwhile and I really appreciated their communication with one another and with me throughout the entire process. Easiest car buying experience I’ve ever had....

Google ★★★★★ Google | December 13 2020

Stacey Martini

My husband and I came in to lease an EV and we had Dewey White as our salesman. Dewey was amazing and got us a incredible deal. He was genuine, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and overall just wonderful. We were grateful to have him as our salesman, I would recommend him to anyone!

Google ★★★★★ Google | December 12 2020

Paul Ryan

Everything was very easy. The lady at the counter was extremely helpful. And it was quick, I mean really, what else could you ask for period plus everything was covered under my warranty so it didn't cost me a dime out of pocket and the loaner car was very nice.

Google ★★★★★ Google | October 22 2020

Hailey Lewis

Just financed a car for the first time ever and my experience was so amazing! I spoke to Brian Clark yesterday when I called to make an appointment for today, and he came in today on his day off just to assist me! He was so friendly and made the process so seamless, easy, and enjoyable. The entire staff was friendly and helpful and it felt like they really cared about me and my needs. I strongly recommend this location and of course Brian! Thank you Brian and other staff for all you did to help me get my dream car!!